The Emotional Wellbeing Service is a community based service commissioned by East London Foundation Trust.

The service offers support to children and young people in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

We employ a multi disciplinary team of clinicians from backgrounds such as clinical psychology, family therapy, social work and counselling, who offer short term support using evidence based programmes. The service offers group support for some presenting issues.

We work closely with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) teams who support moderate to severe mental health difficulties, to ensure all children and young people are offered assessment and support by the most appropriate service. Additionally, we work closely with many other local agencies and offer a signposting service when we feel support would be advisable from another agency, either at the time of referral or post assessment.

There are a number of downloadable information leaflets on our website in our ‘Downloads’ area. Please refer to this information in the first instance as this information will give you strategies to try prior to making a referral.

Service User Testimonial

Young person:

“A few years ago my life changed dramatically and seemed to have been turned upside down as I found myself battling depression and anxiety. After struggling for a while, my GP referred me to CHUMS where I began a 6 week course of CBT with Hannah.  At this point, I was taking medication in conjunction with my CBT sessions to fight my struggles from all angles.

After a few months, I started to feel better and felt that I had more control over my emotions as well as my mental health. This was all thanks to the wonderful help and support CHUMS had provided for me. I will forever be grateful for the help I received and will always recommend CHUMS to anyone else who is struggling or going through a tough time.

Thank you CHUMS!”


“CHUMS was a life saver at the time.  At first my daughter was a little apprehensive, but once we got to meet Hannah and started talking, things got a whole lot easier.

I know CHUMS had a large input in how my daughter’s life was changing for the better.  I am so thankful that our GP had been able to refer us to this life saving organisation – not only for my daughter – but for my own sanity as well because as a parent it is very stressful when you can see that your child is so unhappy and you feel so useless you don’t know what to do to help.

Without CHUMS life would have been very stressful and very different.  CHUMS is such a brilliant organisation, it helped us a lot – thank you CHUMS for all of your support.