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Not all children and young people can or are willing to engage in traditional 1:1 talking therapies. For many, it is simply too intense or talking through their feelings in that setting is too difficult.

Unfortunately, because of a lack of alternative provision, many children and young people do not receive the support they need and often express their frustrations through unhelpful behaviours. They may then struggle long-term with educational engagement leading to potentially negative personal and social impacts.

Our programmes are designed to support children in a way that is fun and engaging through activities they are passionate about (i.e., music & football) with a sound psychological approach around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, a well-known and evidence-based psycho-social intervention.

Although these programmes do not seek to treat mental or psychological disorders by psychological means, it aims to give children and young people a better understanding of their emotions and provides them with new tools to cope better. Hence, this provision targets mild difficulties by providing early intervention to those aged 7-11 years old (or school years 3 to 6) who may be struggling with difficulties around anxiety, low-mood, low self-esteem and/or challenging behaviours.

Through using football and music we are able to evidence a tangible improvement around behaviour, anxiety, self-confidence and engagement in learning.