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A young girl takes part in a counselling session

About the CHUMS Trauma Service

The Trauma Service supports children in Bedfordshire and Luton who have been affected by distressing events, such as sexual abuse, domestic abuse, assault or witnessing an accident.

We support children and young people who have experienced a death of someone they knew in a traumatic way, like murder, suicide or other sudden death. We are also working with child refugees or asylum seekers to help them sort out the upsetting events they have experienced as they fled their home country to come to the UK. Following such experiences, children and young people may show signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Children may experience upsetting memories that seem to play over and over in their minds and can cause changes in mood, behavioural problems, anxiety, and disturb their sleep.


The Trauma Service aims to deliver the most effective treatment based on the available clinical and research evidence.  Currently, we offer Trauma-focused CBT, EMDR, Art therapy and integrative therapy. We continually monitor and evaluate the service we provide.


To make a referral to this service, please click on the following link and use the referral form listed under our Charity Funded Services A decision will then be made by CHUMS practitioners as to whether the young person is appropriate for the specialist Trauma service.  We would usually then get in contact to discuss the best way to support you.