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Thank you for your interest in the CHUMS Mount Kilimanjaro climb!


The dates are: 19th – 29th October 2017. We would fly out on the 19th October and return on the 29th October. If we manage to get a group of 15-20 we can go as a ‘private group’ which means we will walk as a CHUMS group without anybody else.


There is also an additional cost of £170 per person for flight supplements.

  Total Trip Cost Registration deposit (paid by participant) Fundraising Target Amount to be paid by participant (after deposoit has been paid) Total to be paid by participant Invoice from Action Challenge to be paid by the charity Minimum fundraising amount to charity
Self-Funding £2545 £449 None £2096 £2545 £0.00 No Minimum
Minimum Sponsorship £2545 £449 £4200 £0.00 £449 £2096 £2104
Mixed Funding £2545 £449 £2515 £838 £1337 £1258 £1257

We are happy for people to choose whatever funding options they would prefer as we don’t want to exclude anyone who cant find the money to self fund. However, choosing the minimum sponsorship requires a large amount of fundraising to cover the cost of the trip so be aware of that if you choose that option. We are here to help with fundraising ideas so although the targets looks daunting we will help you as much way we can.

Extending trip

You can also choose to extend your trip to have a holiday at the end rather than getting straight back on a plane and coming home. This is to be arranged directly with ‘action challenge’ and will be paid for separately.

Age restrictions

As a general rule, if a participant is younger than 18, they will need to be accompanied by an adult. Typically, the youngest we have on a trek is 16. Anyone over the age of 65 will need a medical form signed by their GP.

What next?

Please confirm your interest as soon as possible.

Once we have a better idea of numbers, we will arrange a meeting for participants with the Kilimanjaro Action Challenge rep (the organisers) for a trip presentation and a question and answer session. You can also use that time to meet our fundraising team to get some ideas and tips of how to raise as much money as possible.





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