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Welcome to Scumrun; the original banger ‘rally’ event travelling across Europe for five days of carnage, all in the name of charity. Scumrun has been established for over ten years and is professionally managed by a team of dedicated and experienced event experts.

The event’s prime objective is to raise as much money for CHUMS as possible. Scumrun is an internationally recognised brand with business partners around the world.

Over the years Scumrun’s participants have helped to raise funds in excess of £800,000 (so far) for UK children’s charities

Alongside the charity element there is, of course, a challenge associated with entering the event. Finding and purchasing a car to fit the entry criteria and making sure it makes it round. Each morning the route for the day is revealed to the teams, suggested stops are given of historical sites, beauty spots etc so they also see parts of the country.

To register, please let us know, and then sign up via: www.scumrun.com/event-registration

Event information…

The event starts on a Thursday morning and returns to the UK on a Monday evening. The launch party on the Thursday is the kickoff. Here the event and charity registration take place along with the all-important drivers’ briefing and entertainment. The route for the day will be revealed each morning.

  • Each team must have a minimum of 2 drivers, the maximum is the number of people you can safely fit into your chosen vehicle.
  • Each team pays £500 entry fee, unless you pick Scumrun unlimited which is £700. This covers the cost of accommodation, welcomes drinks in the evenings and safety administrative costs i.e. breathalyser tests.
  • Each team’s fundraising target is £500 for the chosen charity. Teams are welcome to raise funds in whatever manner best suits them. Most teams set up a Just Giving or GoFundMe page, but some teams do use offline methods.
  • We strongly encourage fancy dress for both you and the car as this adds to the fun of the event and prizes will be given for best dressed car, best dressed team, best modified car, fundraising awards and the overall winner of Scumrun is ‘Spirit of Scumrun’
  • The cost of the ferry to the chosen country needs to be covered by the team directly
  • Please note that drivers for each day are breathalysed in the mornings to ensure that if they were drinking the night before they are safe to take part in the rally that day.
  • There are 4 classes of cars you may can join the rally with, see below.
1 LTR & £150 1000cc £150 Max
Scumrun Built not Bought Any Size No Limit
Scumrun Unlimited Any Size £2,000 Upwards
Scumrun Original Any Size £500 Max

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