For over 27 years CHUMS has provided therapeutic support to numerous children and young people in Luton, Bedfordshire and beyond.

Our mission is to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeingof children and young people and their families enabling positive and fulfilling lives by:

  • Increasing emotional resilience
  • Providing therapeutic support
  • Actively engaging service users to influence service delivery
  • Raising awareness of mental health through training and campaigning
  • Reduce stigma around ental health and highlight the need for prevention and early intervention

We’re a service that helps you when things get a bit difficult to handleon your own. We’re proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week in 2024

With a long track record of supporting families who need support with mental health, we understand how important it is to keep talking, and to challenge the stigma that still exists around mental health issues. That’s why we launched our ‘What’s Your Story Campaign‘ earlier this year. You can get involved too, by sharing your experiences of mental health.

Make a donation

Every year we have to raise £450,000. You can help us by making a donation, big or small. Whatever you can afford will help us deliver vital services in the community.

Woburn Mental Health Awareness Village

This year, we’re very lucky to have the support from the people and traders in Woburn, Bedfordshire. We’re incredibly grateful for their support, especially to Lambdens Bistro, who are holding three special Spanish themed evenings in aid of CHUMS Charity.

A Spanish Fiesta at Lambdens Bistro, Woburn