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Our Recreational Therapeutic programmes offer creative and innovative ways of reaching out to young people aged 8-14 years. Some of these students may not easily engage with traditional therapies and/or are disengaged with education; they may be at risk of exclusion or have been excluded from a previous school. They may also be struggling with anxiety to a point that makes traditional group work or 1:1 support difficult.

Through using football and music we are able to evidence a tangible difference in behaviour, anxiety and engagement in learning.

TACTICS is a 8 week football based behavioural programme run in schools for up to 10 students. These groups are delivered by a team of trained practitioners and FA trained coaches.

‘When playing football, it is vital to think about your choices, your consequences and your next move. Without thinking these important things through, a player is likely to make mistakes and ultimately not perform well. The football programme encourages students to think about these things on a football pitch so that they become second nature. By doing so, these same skills can be used into the classroom and lives at home.’

Topics include; leadership, thinking before actions, strengths and weaknesses and consequences.

ENCORE is an 8 week therapeutic music programme for children and young people struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem and low confidence.

“As a school, we have seen a positive impact from the pupils who have completed the programme. The pupils have seemed more confident and been able to deal better with their own day to day lives.It also allowed them the opportunity to play a wide range of musical instruments and work with other pupils in a small safe group setting whilst relating it back to their anxieties. One pupil in particular was able to stand up and sing in front of the whole school before Christmas in our school talent contest.” (School)

“I’ve never seen him so animated/positive, after school about his session especially as he wasn’t keen to do it.” (Parent)

“After the session ‘United We Stand’ I started sharing things with my parents that I had never done before and since then we have been arguing less and I feel they respect and understand me more now.” (Young person)