Luton Town Football Club Community Trust very kindly gave CHUMS some match tickets to the home-game against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday (23 September).

Seven service users (five young people and two adults) from the Young Carers service, some of whom have have taken part in our Recreational Therapeutic Service (REC) activities in the past, went along with Bert Klemmer from the REC Service.

Bert said “We are so grateful to Luton Town FC Community Trust for the opportunity for CHUMS service users to attend Luton Town’s Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Everyone had an amazing time and for many it was the first game they had ever seen live!”

“It was wonderful to see the local Luton and Bedfordshire community coming together and supporting their team as one. It is well documented just how much sport can have a positive impact on those involved. Particularly if it’s a good result for the home team.”

The Premier League match ended in a draw: Luton Town 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers, resulting in the first premiership point for Luton this season.