“I self-referred myself to Chums Baby Loss Service after losing my baby girl, Ivy at almost 24 weeks pregnant.

“Although I had heard of CHUMs previously I thought they only worked with children. The service was recommended by my community midwife, and I am very grateful for this, as although I had received written information in a pack, I was unable to take on any information at the time. I filled out the referral form very easily, expecting there to be some sort of wait but heard from Jan very quickly.
“We had our initial appointment at my house where she let me know what support was available to me and my partner. After this I had 1:1 counselling, using video chat, once every 2 weeks and I attend the Snowdrop Group once a month.
“I feel that these sessions saved my life.
“Without them I feel I could never have returned to life as before and I would still be lost in my grief. Unable to talk about the hurt and pain I was feeling and with very little self worth and self advocacy. Jan gave me the tools I needed to face my pain and build up to be a stronger and more resilient person.
“I was able to return to work in a different role that made me happier, and I was able to not blame myself for everything that had happened. During my bereavement journey Jan was the advocate I needed. Contacting the bereavement midwife on my behalf when I felt emotionally unable to do so but needed a question answered. The memory days I have attended so far have been beautiful and have allowed me to build memories with my family and Ivy in mind.
“Although our sessions have ended, I know that should I need to return to receiving support on a 1:1 , it is available, no matter how long ago the loss was. I also know I will receive support in any future pregnancies. I still attend the monthly group meetings and feel very reassured that I am supported by and supporting other people who have faced the same experience as myself.
“I I feel that now due to my support I am emotionally stronger than I have ever been and feel that this is a result of the work Jan and the team have done to support me.”