The CHUMS Babyloss service is there to provide support at the most difficult time of any parent’s life. We have received many touching testimonials from parents who have used the service. To find out more about the service, please visit the CHUMS Website:

Karen arranged sessions around my need when anniversaries and hard dates were coming up she arranged more frequent contact. Also during my recent pregnancy, and before bringing my rainbow baby home karen provided weekly contact with me to help me after my hospital appointments which I was very anxious about.

Karen also spent time explaining things to me more fully that the hospital didn’t. Her support has been invaluable in my coping following loss.

Chums is a fabulous service but what really makes it are the wonderful people who support those who access the service.

As I have said above Karen has helped me through the hard first anniversaries and also through my pregnancy after loss.  Karens support words of encouragement, and letting me talk through my thought processes and give me the time to do so helped more than i can express in words.

Karen also allowed me to discuss in our sessions issues with my first born who has ASD and we have had difficult transitions with him starting school and obtaining support for him. I felt karen was a true confidant and I really shared my innermost feelings. I even messaged Karen as one of the first people post family and close friends after the birth of our rainbow baby boy. Thank you so much for all you do.

Jan, no words can thank you enough for pulling me through the rollercoaster of emotions I endured over the few years of knowing you. I’m so pleased I made that phone call that day. Your support is invaluable.

I hope one day I can inspire other bereaved parents to believe they can pull through it and live again.

The 121 sessions with Jan helped me so much. Having one person to offload to who was not part of my day to day life, someone who understood me, how I was feeling and always knew the right thing to say! Jan pulled me through my darkest days, taught me how to deal with those dark emotions and remember my babies for the beautiful souls they were.

She taught me to let their memories live on and enjoy my living children. I could go on but conclusively no words will ever explain how CHUMS has helped me deal with the loss of my babies. The group sessions were also helpful, although I did find it difficult reliving the story several times over – everyone is different. I hope my story inspired other bereaved parents and one day, I hope to volunteer to the service.

Again, I thank Jan, Karen and the rest of the team. The work you do is absolutely incredible and helps so many.